A busy persons guide to setting smart goals that you can conquer! Featured

A busy persons guide to setting smart goals that you can conquer!

Setting personal and business goals can sound like such a time wasting exercise when you are flat out busy! So here is my simple little method to setting Smart Goals that you will actually achieve and conquer. No excuses... Hard to believe in a few weeks we will be seeing in the New Year! I…

Integrating an online store into your business Featured

Tips to integrating an online store for your ‘real’ bricks and mortar business

Online shopping is ‘da bomb’ right? There is no annoying sales assistants, prices are clearly marked on items, you can take as long or as little as you like without feeling like an a..hole if you walk out of the store with nothing. I can understand why consumers are taking on e-commerce simplicity over shopping in real bricks and mortar shops.

Has your business got essence? Featured

Has your business got essence?

Today I want to talk about your business essence. I was reminded of this the other day when I went to my local store for a Christmas festival and the coffee van there had their business name with the tag line underneath, “Every cup supports a young life.”  Firstly I thought, wow it is great…

How do you know which Social Media platforms to promote your business on? Featured

How do you know which Social Media platforms to promote your business on?

Now over the last couple of weeks I have had some businesses reach out to me to win the opportunity for a tailored mini marketing plan written by me (remember I am running this up until Friday 8th December see the end of this to find out more). To apply for this, I have asked…

How to get more people to my website? Featured

How do I get people to my website? Easy…

Having a website is one thing, but getting people to visit it without costly advertising is another.  Here is my No.1 tip for getting more visitors to your website. Gone are the days when people grab the yellow pages directory to find their local business, now they just go to Google and type in some…


How to balance the demands of running a business

Firstly apologies my friends, it seems my duties as a business owner required me to undertake the dreaded task of End of Month bookkeeping!!  This got me thinking as a business owner we are inevitably required to take on tasks that sometimes hold us back from doing what it is we love in our business. …

5 Social Media Mistakes Featured

5 Social Media Mistakes (that can be fixed…phew)

Have you ever wondered what your potential fans or customers actually experience when they are trying to find you on social media? Here are a few little social media mistakes that I see on many profiles that actually prevent people from finding you on social media…don’t panic, these can be easily fixed...

Are we too fixated on promoting our business through Social Media? Featured

Are we too fixated on promoting our business through Social Media?

Humans seems to have this physical attraction to constantly wanting to know every minuscule moment of their life. It seems our only way to stay up-to-date is with some form of electronic, titanium, neo-plastic coated buzzing alert system.  Face it we are living in a world surrounded by electronic devices. It seems this electronic era…

website not attracting customers Featured

Help…my website doesn’t attract any customers!

Today I am talking about websites that don’t work. Have you got one? Are you wondering why you invested all this time and money into your website and it brings you no business? Thinking you need to get a new website to fix the problem? STOP right now, and let me shed some light on why your website might not be working.

Is your business a little brand confused?

Is your business brand a little confused?

Have you ever had one of those friends that never change their appearance and then one day you run into them at the shop and they have completely changed their hair colour?  “Hey” you splutter, “I really like your hair…its…so…different,” meanwhile on the inside you are screaming to yourself “what on earth was she thinking!” …