Come one, come all! Get your Daily Dose

I’m so excited to finally launch The Daily Blag – A daily dose of Business, Lifestyle & Guidance for busy people.

It has been a long awaited goal to mentor and guide other business owners, and inspire them with my passion for marketing and digital technology.  As a ‘busy’ business owner myself I know how hard it is to take the time out to learn and develop your skills whilst working in your business.  So I created The Daily Blag to be a part of your daily ritual, accessible in your favourite medium and quick to read with that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine, perhaps!

Now I will be honest I am NOT a millionaire and I am NOT promoting how I made it big in business.  I am NOT selling you social media courses and get rich quick schemes.  I am ONLY giving genuine honest advice to help you along your business journey.

Yes, I DO provide marketing and digital promotion services to small-medium sized businesses and non-profit organisations, so if you are looking for something along these lines please reach out to me anytime.  But for now, just come and join me on a business journey to success; one that allows you to step back a little and enjoy it rather than always working in it.  Invite your business friends; everyone is welcome to follow my Blog, Instagram or Facebook for their daily dose of Business, Lifestyle and Guidance.

Happy Reading

Jill Stephenson 😉

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