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Help…my website doesn’t attract any customers!

Today I am talking about websites that don’t work.  Have you got one?  Are you wondering why you invested all this time and money into your website and it brings you no business?  Thinking you need to get a new website to fix the problem? STOP right now, and let me shed some light on why your website might not be working.

We need to start thinking of our website as physical place that we want people to come and visit on occasion.  When we are in real, physical business we seek out a great location just so new customers can see us and perhaps try us.  This same objective needs to be applied to your website,  so here are my top 5 tips to getting customers to find your website.

Social Media

Love it or hate it people, but it is here to stay.  So if you are in business you need to embrace it or hire a younger version of you to take it on.  There are so many social media tools out there, my advice is to pick at least one or two and work it.

  • Make sure your website is linked to your Social Media pages where possible
  • Remind your Social Media fans that you have a website, linking them back to a blog, product page or the website in general (try to do this at least once a week)
  • Integrate a social media feed onto your website, this will let Google know that your site is constantly updating even if it is just with social media updates

You Tube

That’s right we all love watching funny videos on it but now is the time to get your business on it.  I see a lot of businesses really active on Facebook with live videos about their products and services and educating their clients but they don’t post their work on You Tube. You Tube is now the second highest search engine after Google, so now is the time to get on it!!  Setting up a You Tube video channel is quite simple (in fact there are plenty of video’s on how to do it ha-ha), it allows you to write a pitch about your business and link your business website to it!

Once you get into a routine you can upload videos straight from your phone, and use the video link on your website and social media pages.  Ensure your video titles and keywords focus on the topic, ideally so new customers can find you.  At the end of you video description ensure you add a link back to your website to direct the potential customer to more information.

Website Content

The next big problem I see with a lot of websites is a lack of quality, rich content.  As business owners we become so focused on having pretty images and sliding banners for our customers that we forget about telling Google what it is we do.  Google and other search engines need information to put your website up there in its rankings.  Images don’t really allow a great deal of content in comparison to a web page with text.

  • Design your website so text is part of it
  • Ensure your text is directed to your customer being informative and enticing
  • Use keywords such as products, service types, location
  • Don’t overdo it, one type of keyword per page used 2-3 times
  • Keep your content to 150-300 words per page


A blog is another fantastic way to get content on your website without creating web pages that need to be edited.  A blog is an informative post about a product, event, how to guide, really anything you can imagine.  Ensure you use the keyword strategy as mentioned above in my content tips.  Try to end your blog with a lead back to a page or product on your website.  When you post a blog, it is great to share this link on your social media sites. Getting people to visit these new links will tell Google that your site is active and worthwhile of being up in the rankings!

Keep your website current

Google loves website that are active and current.  Keeping your site up-to-date with fresh content is key to driving traffic to your website.  When you design your website think of ways you can add fresh content to it a few ideas for thought are image galleries, a blog, social media feed or even a customer forum.

Location, location

Getting up in the Google rankings is like having prime real estate for your business.  It can be quite challenging getting there especially if you are in a competitive industry.  I tell most of my clients that it can take between 3-6 months of hard work to get your site on page one of Google.  If you start a routine of regularly updating your website, adding rich content, and ensuring your website is linked to your social media feeds you should start to see some improvement over time.  I have so many more website tips and tricks I use in my day-to-day businesses; I hope to impart these on you as my blog progresses. Now remember if it all sounds too hard, consider having a content marketer to look at ways to improve your website before you go down the path of building a new one.

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