Are you planning too much for the Peak season? Featured

My 5 top tips to get your business busier in the quiet times

Many business owners are gearing up for the Christmas season, hoping to maximise their sales that will tie them over that New Year lull.

As a business owner you quickly learn that peak months like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day can be too far between.  Sometimes it feels like we work so hard in our business to be rewarded one month and then see it all go in a heap the next month…right?

Have you thought that maybe you are spending too much time planning for the peak months, rather than those quiet periods?  Most businesses will thrive in the peak periods, and with a little extra promotion to stand out from the crowd you should hit your sales goals.  What is your plan for after the crazy period? Have you thought of ways to stimulate your revenue when it’s quiet?  If you haven’t maybe it’s a good time to start strategizing your plan of attack.  Here are a few tips that I employ in my own business to boost sales in a slump period and get my business organised for the busy periods:

Tip 1 >> Promote your Hero Products

Hero products are those that offer your business a high product margin.  Promote these products as a feature on your website or in your store.  Consider adding a value add-on to get people to buy these products over your lower margin products.

Tip 2 >> Run a promotion

During a quiet period is the time to encourage customers to use you over your competitors.  Running a value-add on promotion or pricing promotion could be just the thing to get your customers over the line.

Tip 3 >> Focus on a business niche

Is there another part of your business that you could focus on in the lull periods?  Why not try running a workshop, seminar or advertising campaign to a specific market.  If you think you haven’t got a niche, now is the time to change this and start thinking outside the square a little.

Tip 4 >> Refresh

Focus on updating your business you might be surprised at the financial reward.  Updating your website or social media posts with fresh content and images could attract new enquiries as it appeals to the latest trends.

Tip 5 >> Get Efficient

Streamline your work processes to ensure you and you staff are more efficient. Here are some simple ways I like to streamline my business:

  • Create email templates to answer common customer enquiries
  • Create a bookmark toolbar for your most visited websites
  • Rejig your workroom layouts to speed up operations
  • Implement systems that automate tasks, online contact forms, ordering online facility

Sounds simple I know but you would be amazed how many times us humans do things inefficiently day in day out.  Today is the day to start improving even the smallest of tasks.

2018 is the year for you to start making your business shine even in the quiet months!

It is time to stop overthinking the busy periods and shift your focus over to planning for the quiet times.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your ideas and be different.

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