How to get your business on Google

Do you ever wonder how some businesses just happen to get this amazing presence on Google?  Simple, they have a Free Google Business Listing….want to know more?

I’ll never forget the day I had to go our local Thai restaurant to order dinner because I couldn’t find their number online. I’ll admit it was so frustrating, made even worse by the fact that their menu stuck on my refrigerator had their phone number printed incorrectly!!  When I walked in to order I couldn’t help myself, I said to the lovely lady at the counter, you need a Google business listing so people can find your phone number online.  The lady was so inquisitive about what I had to say, I even offered to do it for free because their Thai food is so yummy.  Two weeks later they were up on Google, making my life even better because I can never find that new menu with the right phone number…eek!  It is also so great to see my favourite Thai restaurant super busy, and I feel a little bit proud that I maybe steered them in the right direction.

I have put together a simple video tutorial for you to get your business up on Google for free.  It is pretty simple, and I highly recommend you take 15 minutes out and do this today if you have not already done this for your business.

How to get my business on Google – Business Listing Tutorial

Step 1. Ensure you have a Google Gmail Account

Step 2. Google “Google My Business” or type in the url:

Step 3. Open the website and click Sign In

Step 4. Enter your Google account details

Step 5. Click the ‘Start Now’ button in the top right of the screen

Step 6. Fill out your business details in the form > click continue

Step 7. Read the terms and conditions > click continue

Step 8. Verify your account preferably by SMS text, but depending on the options you may need to select mail.

Step 9. Follow the blue progress bar to add your brand images and business opening hours.

Step 10. Feel free to explore the other options in the right side bar and better understand the Google Business listing tool.

There are so many more free Google tools…

Google really does allow businesses to be seen on the internet, so I highly recommend you utilise this free tool for your business.  I will be bringing you a series of videos to teach you more about Google business tools to enhance your business presence on the internet, so make sure you stay tuned to The Daily Blag or subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Thanks for tuning in to the Daily Blag

Jill Stephenson 😉

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