5 Social Media Mistakes

5 Social Media Mistakes (that can be fixed…phew)

Many of us business owners find ourselves taking charge of promoting our business through social media.  We find ourselves wasting copious amounts of time trying to engage our audience with great posts or images that will capture lot of new followers and get heaps of love! Right?  But have you ever wondered what your potential fans or customers actually experience when they are trying to find you on social media?  Here are a few little social media mistakes that I see on many profiles that actually prevent people from finding you on social media…don’t panic these can be easily fixed.  Now these simple little fixes won’t make you a social media sensation but they should help your genuine customers find you that bit easier!

Selecting a profile name

When setting up your social media accounts my advice is to keep the same username across all accounts where possible. If you can’t do this don’t stress, just try to make them as close as possible, consider using an underscore or some other symbol to get a close match.  Before you choose a username, run a search for your brand name and see what comes up.  Take note of how the dynamic text brings up relevant searches whilst you are typing, see how the more direct a profile name is the quicker they appear!

Using acronyms in profile usernames

Many customers specifically looking for you on social media will type in your business or brand name.  If your username has been shortened into an acronym it is going to make it more complex for someone to find you.  If you really need to employ this tactic, you will need to ensure your name in your profile or description is written in full to ensure the search engine can find you.

Unclear Profile Images

A profile image should be clear and tell your customers instantly what it is you do, especially if they can’t get that from your profile name.  My advice is to use a clear logo for your Facebook profile image, however I personally feel Instagram is more image oriented so use a relevant image with some impact directed to your potential customers.

Have a Description that tells!

Oh my goodness too many people leave this valuable space empty!!  This is your opportunity to tell potential customers what it is you do, where you are located and why they should love you.

Crossing personal with business

If you are running a business account and trying to establish a strong brand for the long term, consider whether adding your personal family moments are part of your strategy.   If you are trying to appeal to people you do not know personally my advice would be to not cross the two over.  However if your target market does need that family feel you may get away with this tactic.

Hopefully, these simple little social media fixes will start to get your business brand in the eye of the perfect follower! If you would love for me to pop over and check out your Facebook or Instagram profiles pop your details in the comments.

Happy Business

Jill Stephenson

2 thoughts on “5 Social Media Mistakes (that can be fixed…phew)

    1. Thanks Mary 🙂 as a business owner we should never fear change and always be willing to improve, even if it is just our Instagram profile hehe!


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