How to get more people to my website? Featured

How do I get people to my website? Easy…

Having a website is one thing, but getting people to visit it without costly advertising is another.  Here is my No.1 tip for getting more visitors to your website.

Gone are the days when people grab the yellow pages directory to find their local business, now they just go to Google and type in some string of words to find you…am I right?

Ok so your business has a website so surely your customers will find you online?  Maybe if they’ve shopped with you once before and held onto that business card that they threw into the bottom of their handbag…sure they might visit your website.  Even our loyal customers can have a tendency to forget the name of their favourite small local business and instead call you that really nice flower shop on the corner next to Woolworths.  And what about those new customers who you are trying to attract to your business, how do they find you online?

Well there are a few options to be found online.  You can pay for online campaigns through Google Adwords, Local Business Directories, Facebook, Instagram and other online advertising portals.  Or you can tirelessly promote yourself through social media for free and hope that one day you will go viral and everyone will know about your business…dream big people!

Well the other option is…. CONTENT. Now I wrote that in big letters just to get your attention but also to highlight the importance of this website tool which is at the touch of your fingers.  That’s right, you don’t need to purchase some fancy app or software program to get started, all you need is your business insight, some thinking time and a pen and paper…so old school I know!

Over the years I have spoken to so many business owners who have a website and make the comment it doesn’t bring us much business so I think we are going to build a new website this year.  The big problem with this comment is that many business owners think a new website will fix the problem and bring them more business…well sorry to say it most likely won’t.  Why you ask?  Well pretty pictures and flashy banners might look great on your site they don’t provide a great deal of rich data for search engines (that is Google remember). However Google loves words and information it is kinda like your high school English teacher rewarding you for a well-written assignment and putting you at the top of your class!

I am going to be honest writing content is time consuming but the payoff can be rewarding.  My business more than doubled in revenue from being a little $200,000 per year retail shop to netting $500,000 plus in revenue within two years of working on my website content.  For me though the most comforting thing as a business owner is I know I have worked to establish revenue from several market segments. So if a competitor comes in and steals some of my clients I may suffer a little, but still have the safety net of my other market segments (remember, my all your business eggs in one basket theory).

If you already have a website now is the time to start reviewing your business objectives and putting this into your website content.  For example you might want to grow into a particular market like wedding clients or wholesale business 2 business, so you need to drill down into what you can offer these markets and create content that will attract these buyers to your website.  Lastly you need to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think about how they might search for your product/service in a search engine (that is Google, got it).  By using these three elements in your website content you will be on the right track to creating good, quality content.

  • Your business objectives (target market, product sales)
  • What you can offer (fix a customers problem, fufill a need)
  • Think like your customers when searching for you online

Writing website content should come from the heart and brains of the business first so in a small business this most likely comes down to the business owner.  Finding time to do another task in your daily routine can seem somewhat impossible but I strongly suggest finding a way to get the data down on paper.  For me I hired an administration lady for 5 hours a week to do my bookkeeping and basic office tasks to free up my time for more important work (growing my business).  Once you find the time make sure you use that time wisely, set specific goals to get the work done rather than finding other tasks to work on.

When you start writing content for your website you may feel a little novice, but my advice is persist and experiment.  The other important thing to remember is you won’t see immediate results, it could take anywhere from 1-6 months to see an increase in your search rankings.

Look friends, I could go on for days about how to write rich website content and how to get your website up to the top of Google but this post would go on for days, so instead lets tackle one quality piece of advice at a time.  If you are keen for more website tips, please feel free to comment on what areas you want to improve your website on.

Also, if you are interested in improving your website with the services of a professional, content marketer I am available for project work in 2018 – please touch base for a free website analysis and quote.

2 thoughts on “How do I get people to my website? Easy…

  1. Hi Jill, just a quick note to say Thank You for providing such wonderfully but simply written business advice and sharing it for free. I wish you all the success. Kind Regards Amber, designer & owner of Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber, thank you so much for your lovely feedback about my Blog 🙂 I am so glad you are finding it helpful along your business journey. How long have you been running your Bamboozled Clothing business? PS. I love the name!


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