How do you know which Social Media platforms to promote your business on? Featured

How do you know which Social Media platforms to promote your business on?

Now over the last couple of weeks I have had some businesses reach out to me to win the opportunity for a tailored mini marketing plan written by me (remember I am running this up until Friday 8th December see the end of this to find out more). To apply for this, I have asked you to answer 1 simple question:

What is it you are challenged by in your business?

And guess what, so many of you have responded with so far. Are you ready for the answer….drum roll…..

How do you know which platforms to promote your business on?

To be honest, as a small business owner, if we were to use every one of the social media mediums out there (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc, etc) our entire day has gone with constantly marketing our business.  But we need to be realistic as we need to be able to manage the operational part of our business, especially if we are a small startup. For those more established business, you have probably ventured down the path of automation tools, but they generally cost a small fortune and eventually our audience tends to drop off knowing that these are not native social posts.

It is pretty hard for me to say, hey guys just use these social media platforms, as every business is different. But I have a little strategy that I employ that might help you decide…

  1. Understand who your target customer is
  2. Promote to your audience using platforms they engage in
  3. Pick 1 or 2 platforms and work them regularly
  4. Master these platforms to build a customer audience that actually delivers business
  5. Use the other platforms in an automated way (linking posts across from your main platforms)
  6. Once you have mastered your main platforms, start to build on another (if time permits)

Now before you stop reading and go off and do this, I want you to read on!  I want you to put a little bit more thought into your promotional strategy. We are so busy running our business that we have become allured to this quick marketing fix that platforms like Instagram and Facebook are offering. However before you solely employ these mediums to promote your business I want you to consider a strategy using other mediums, in particular You Tube.

I see a lot of my business friends who use videos on their Facebook page. I recently asked one my friends if she was posting all this great video content on You Tube? She looked at me hesitantly and said, “No, I just find Facebook easier.” Very true, but aha this is the allure of Facebook and Instagram! I explained to her that You Tube is now the 2nd highest search engine after Google, and that loading this rich video content on it now, will quickly set her apart from others in her industry. I also explained the other benefit of using You Tube, is that you can re-link this back into your Facebook, Website pages, Email Newsletter and so much more. Whilst I agree, You Tube can be a little bit more time consuming than Facebook, I believe it actually has more potential to expose her business to new customers rather than just re-marketing to her existing ones.

So how do we overcome this fear of spending that little bit longer on our business marketing in order to grow our business? Well, after 10 years of running a business, I have developed a few tips for this one! So here we go:

  1. Create a small bank of content e.g 5 videos, 10 blog posts, 4 newsletters.
  2. Take a few hours out or even a day to set up your systems correctly e.g. You Tube Channel, Newsletter Campaign Software etc.
  3. Schedule your content regularly and consistently.
  4. Utilize your devices to have tools like movie editing software and apps for uploading to You Tube.
  5. Schedule a day, each week or month to focus on creating content for this platform (recording new movies, writing blogs or newsletters).
  6. Don’t go overboard – start with your raw work and a bit of self-editing, people nowadays want data quickly rather than waiting for the professional version.


Now, if you think marketing your business on You Tube is a worthwhile strategy, I have put together a 15 minute tutorial to show you how to set up your own business channel. I take each step a little bit deeper to explain the marketing strategy that you should employ when setting up your channel (so eventually you will be found)! Remember just because you see your video immediately, this does not mean you will be reeling new customers in the next day. You need to ensure you stay consistent and active on these sites to build trust with your audience. In the words of one of my all time favourite actors,

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne Johnson

I hope you enjoyed today’s daily dose? Don’t forget to tell a business buddy about my page or I would totally love for you to share this post on your social media. Free advice is always the best advice!!

Lastly all my Australian business owners there is only a couple more days to apply for my tailored mini-marketing plan valued at $499. All you need to do is fill out the form below for your chance to be the lucky recipient – the winner will be notified on Friday 8th December 2017 by email and social media – Open to any Australian registered business or organisation.

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