Has your business got essence? Featured

Has your business got essence?

Today I want to talk about your business essence. I was reminded of this the other day when I went to my local store for a Christmas festival and the coffee van there had their business name with the tag line underneath, “Every cup supports a young life.”  Firstly I thought, wow it is great to see that this business has a clear purpose about why they went into business.  Secondly, I absolutely loved how they incorporated their mission into their business marketing.

For many of us business owners we start out with a business mission but I’ll admit somewhere along the way it can get a little lost.  We can become so engrossed in the daily grind of making a profit, finding new customers and all the rest of those goals that come with owning a business.  This can lead to our business appearing a bit obsessed with plugging our products and services, rather than focusing on achieving our mission (or business essence, as I like to call it).

Now a couple of years ago I noticed this in my business, I think I was at the 7 year mark of running my florist shop, and I realized that I had become just another one of them florists.  When I first started out, I clearly had a mission to educate people about quality flowers and showcasing that beautiful, distinctive flower designs could deliver heartfelt messages to those unable to be together.  Whilst our shop still continued to create beautiful, distinctive flowers I realized I wasn’t projecting why having beautiful flowers was important to the customer.  I now look back at my social media and I suppose I had become a little product obsessed (eeek) rather than telling my customers how I could meet their needs.

I found the best thing moving forward for my business was to re-strategise my business mission in a one-day sit down session with myself.  I pulled out my old business plan that I created at the beginning and started to review it.  By reading this I realized my mission hadn’t changed, nor my vision of getting there, it was just that my marketing and promotions had lost touch with storytelling this message.  Over the coming months I focused on reworking how I presented my story, I reinforced this message through new website banners, fresh written content, revamped advertising in magazines and less-product focused posts on social media.

It is hard to say how this change in my marketing has reflected in my bottom line, but I can definitely see that my average sale (which continues to grow) is a lot higher than most florists (that I’ve worked in anyway).  This is because my marketing message was targeted to my specific audience, which happens to attract a higher value spend, based on the high quality nature of the product being offered.  My new marketing message was aimed at bringing my audience over the line (with a sale) by projecting a story that connects with them at a deeper level than my competitors.

So whether you are just starting out in business or been at the hard slog for a few years now, it is never too late to stop and evaluate your business essence.  Once you have your mission outlined, hang it up on a wall proudly in your workspace or even on a Post-it-Note on your office desk!  Use this (and coffee) as your inspiration everyday to keep your business growing strong.

Lastly, if you feel you are struggling to find your business mission and vision for your business I do offer some affordable marketing plan packages for small businesses and non-profit organisations.  This involves me getting to know your business and you, and together we create a long-term marketing business strategy forward.  You can check out my marketing packages here >>

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