A busy persons guide to setting smart goals that you can conquer!

A busy persons guide to setting smart goals that you can conquer!

Setting personal and business goals can sound like such a time wasting exercise when you are flat out busy! So here is my simple little method to setting Smart Goals that you will actually achieve and conquer. No excuses…

Hard to believe in a few weeks we will be seeing in the New Year! I don’t know about you, but 2017 for me has been a wild year from learning how to sell my business, taking on full-time university studies with two young children, and more importantly trying to find a sense of purpose after a decade of running a florist shop business. I know the New Year is going to bring me so much change and honestly I feel butterflies in my stomach not knowing where my future life leads me yet. Having always been a bit of a goal setter, I know that this feeling of the unknown is calling for me to set some new, achievable goals for the next chapter in my life. If you have never been a goal setter, or are just someone that sets really unrealistic goals then maybe I can steer you in the right direction.

When I set goals I use the S.M.A.R.T. framework (I have no idea who invented it) but it is perfect for mapping out both business and personal goals. So let me explain:

S = Specific

You need to be specific about what it is you want to achieve. Rather than setting the goal “I want to be rich” a specific goal would sound more like “I want to work hard in my business to achieve my financial savings goal of…..”

M = Measurable

Ask yourself, if I set this goal how will I know if I have achieved it. For some goals this might be quite simple to measure, however other goals might be harder to measure. When we set goals in our business, it might be hard to measure the results through financial gain; rather it might be measured through a customer feedback survey or comparing data from a previous year.

A = Actionable

Can you actually achieve this goal? Are there other parties or people involved in achieving this goal that may prevent it from happening? If there are then make sure you have these people on board to help you achieve your desired outcomes!

R = Realistic

Pretty much speaks for itself. If you are setting a financial goal ask yourself: how did I come to that figure? Ensure you use data from previous years and if you speculate growth in revenue, you need to be sure something is driving that revenue stream (otherwise that is a whole new goal). The other consideration might be resources, knowledge or time – can you realistically achieve your goals based on what is accessible to you?

T = Time

Set a timeline, even a date! I even like to put my dates into my calendar with alert reminders. This is a great way to keep you on track, and not conveniently forget about those goals you set at the start of the year (see and you thought I was just being OCD!).

Goal setting is a great motivator; please don’t knock it until you give it a go my friends! My one piece of advice though is really getting the Specific part right. Think about the goal and how it is you are going to achieve it. You may find there are another 10 jobs/mini-goals required just in that one big specific goal. If that is the case develop a planning strategy using a simple table in excel that breaks everything down into more achievable tasks, and expected time-frames!

Happy goal setting for 2018!!

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