The No.1 reason you should learn to like an essential oil

So if you are into essential oils like me you have most likely opened a bottle of oil had a great big whiff, only to be disgusted by the sickly aroma still lingering in your nostrils…right? Well, I thought I would touch on this issue a little bit further because I think it raises some important issues for those trying to heal their body naturally.

It is only human nature to be drawn to a scent or taste that our body likes. So when using essential oils most of us find enjoyment in only using the oils we love, and avoid the not so nice one’s…well I know I do anyway. However if you are using essential oils for a specific reason or ailment it might be time to find those oils that absolutely disgust you and try to learn to love them a little bit more. Here’s why.

Essential oils can play a powerful role in your journey to emotional healing (Enlighten Alternative Healing, 2015) which for many of us is the beginning to better physical well-being. Each oil promotes positive and negative attributes, so when we dislike and essential oil it is generally due to an underlying emotional issue that resonates negative feelings, and for an oil we love we seem to associate to its positive feelings. I consider myself a pretty positive person so when I dislike an oil and read about its negative properties I try not to let it get me down too much (take note) but most times I immediately know what is causing the negative emotional reaction and realise I need to focus on healing these worries.

When we find oil that we don’t particularly like the smell of it is possible suppressed emotions are causing some if not all of the negative properties attached to it. In my case, I have an absolute distaste to the Respiratory Blend, which is known as Easy Air if you are using DōTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils. The Emotions and Essential Oils guide by Enlighten is a great reference book that explains most essential oils and their emotional properties. Now getting back to Respiratory Blend and its associated negative emotions include sadness, grief, despair, unloved, difficulty, breathing, constriction and distrust. I admit over the last 2 years I have been suffering from an array of these emotions, in which I am now working my way through healing these feelings. By using the Easy Air blend in conjunction with my favourite oils I can allow these oils to enter my heart and emotional state. Using this oil daily will foster and environment for these negative emotions to surface and provide me the energy to deal with them physically (Enlighten Alternative Healing, 2015).

If you have an essential oil that you dislike but want to start using it, I suggest you start blending it with some your favourite oils first. Start with just 1-2 drops of your negative oil, and add 2-3 drops of your favourite oils – so it essentially works like a base note in your blend. Once you start to feel more accepting of the oil try to increase the negative oil to be the front note of the blend (the most drops). Also you may find your emotions getting worse before you get better as this is your bodies way of releasing the pain and negativity, so remember to stay strong and be kind to yourself.

dōTERRA Easy Air Blend

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