Hi I’m Jill Stephenson.

I’m a wife and mum of 2. I’m a business owner of 10 years. I’m a quiet stress head. I’m a multi tasker and definitely an overachiever. Face it I’m a lot of things, but I’m definitely not an instant millionaire from my business ventures…well yet 😉

I have always been driven to be busy; hence I started my own real business when I was when I was 26. When I say a real business I mean a real bricks and mortar shop with a lease, employees, insurance, stock and all those wonderful things called liabilities!!

I had been longing to start my own florist shop business after leaving the industry for a few years to pursue a career in marketing.  So one day my husband was offered an opportunity to work on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD. My good Government job in digital marketing was unable to be transferred, so I decided to pursue my passion to start my own florist shop….eeek! My husband and I applied for a business loan and we started to plan our business venture.

I have to be honest 10 years on in business ownership and oh my goodness what a learning curve it’s been. Business is definitely not for the faint hearted, I’ve experienced many highs and lows and somehow I have survived to date, without having a mental breakdown along the way!

I’ll be the first to admit I have made a lot of mistakes along the way in running my own business, but I have always worked to find solutions and build a better business.  One thing that really got to me as a business owner, was when I decided to have a family, I found it really hard to juggle the business operations and being a new mum.  Even though I had great staff I realized I didn’t have the right systems in place to keep the business running profitably.  So I found I was coming back to the business prematurely to work tirelessly just to make ends meet, when really I should have been enjoying those early years of motherhood.

I became fed up with this constant feeling of working night and day in my business for not much reward.  So I set myself a mission to stop working so hard in my business and make my business work for me.  Using my knowledge in marketing and management I taught myself to implement systems, plan better and make smarter decisions.  After a year of working on my business I saw a dramatic turnaround in my business revenue, it had increased by $200,000 in the first year!

These changes to my business were vital, and has allowed me to step away from physically working and even living near my business over the last 2 years.  I now have the time to focus on the next chapter in my life, to educate other business owners and hopefully help them make better decisions. Now look, I’m definitely NOT promoting myself as an instant business millionaire (in fact I’m far from it)! I’m here to give you the real life, no BS version of running a real business that might help you along the way.  I’ve rightly named it The Daily Blag – a daily dose of Business and Lifestyle Guidance for Busy People…so I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading and here is to business success 😉

Jill S