Live, Laugh & be cheeky


Thanks for visiting The Daily Blag, my little place to inspire like-minded people to build great businesses whilst enjoying life to the fullest!

In case you are wondering I am Jill Stephenson AKA mum, mummy, hun, boss and oi

Over the last 10 years I have worked my butt off running my own florist business based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  During that time I gave birth to my 2 beautiful kids, relocated to the Central Queensland about 800kms away from my business and friends, decided to start studying my Bachelor in Business Marketing and Management, and well even had a few melt downs in the process.

My passion in life is to inspire and work with other business owners about the potential success they can achieve if they plan ahead and make smart decisions.  However I also know the pain and struggles that real business owners can face and the toll it can take on you physically and mentally (trust me I’ve been there).  Not only am I inspired by the nuts and bolts of your business but I am passionate about encouraging business owners to make simple lifestyle changes to ensure they stay at the top of their game!

The Daily Blag is a real life, no Bull S**t and sometimes cheeky blog about running a real business and living simply to ensure you achieve your goals. I’ve rightly named it The Daily Blag – a daily (well not everyday) dose of Business and Lifestyle Guidance for Busy People…so I hope you enjoy!

Live, laugh and be cheeky

Jill Stephenson