i-Blossom Florist Sunshine Coast

Online Florist Shop Website

i-Blossom is a special project of mine as this is my ‘real’ bricks and mortar business that you may hear me talk about from time to time.  Established in 2008 it was my vision to create a quality retail florist with a convenient e-commerce store for busy, working people.  In a very competitive environment it was imperative that the website and its promotional strategy was to stand out from the crowd.

The website is a clean, modern site to align to the brand’s high quality and monochromatic logo.  Professional product imagery is a key element to the sites visual appeal.  Working with quality photographers to build and image portfolio is vital to keeping this website current and fresh.

Attracting customers to this website is achieved organically through optimised keywords and content pages.  This is supported by a strategic online advertising campaign using Google Adwords and social media.

Functionality is an important aspect to this florist website, ensuring customer ease when purchasing as well as enhancing internal processes for the operations of the business.  The website boasts the following functionality:

  • Tiered product options
  • Varied delivery pricing for locations
  • Secure payment system using EWAY
  • Products and sales reports
  • Promotional slideshows
  • Optimized content
  • Coupon functionality
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Product add-ons in various locations
  • Social media integration
  • and heaps more

If you are looking for a quality online florist website like i-Blossom, Jill Stephenson Marketing can provide you with expert advice and direction with your new website.  Get in touch today for an obligation free estimate >>



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